Aether Catalyst $ATHR – Working on #Technology for Catalytic Converters that does not use #PreciousMetals – Will help Stop Theft!!

Aether Catalyst $ATHR is working on a catalytic converter that does not use precious metals – palladium, platinum or rhodium – uses base metals and could save OEMs billions and help stop theft!

Aether Catalyst Solutions $ATHR –

Aether Catalyst $ATHR is working on a technology that develops #catalysts for catalytic converters that does not use expensive #palladium, #platinum or #rhodium. #cleantech #pollution #ESG #esginvesting

@AetherCatalyst $ATHR is Working on a #Technology That Could Save OEMs #Billions

Aether Catalyst $ATHR is working on a technology that could save the OEMs billions. #cleantechnology #catalyst #technology #autoindustry #catalyticconverter

…”That innovator is Aether Catalyst Solutions Inc. (CSE:ATHR,Forum), which has quietly been working for several years on a prototype for a catalytic converter that doesn’t use any precious metals. Designed and tested by an experienced crew with engineering and business success, the Company has gone from a promising design to a fourth-generation prototype that has already overcome many of the obstacles those behind them could not.”

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Metanor Resources $MTO $MEAOF Publishes Results on Moroy Property Exploration

Metanor $MTO $MEAOF has been conducting two exploration programs and exploration drilling from surface on the Moroy property located near 1 km south of the Bachelor mine.

A drill campaign during the summer of 2015 identified an important gold structure on the Moroy property and confirmed the value of the geophysical surveys on the mineralisation type.

In parallel to the drilling campaign, a geophysical survey was conducted at depth in previously drilled hole on the Moroy property. This induced polarisation survey detected the presence of four conducting anomalies. One of the anomalies is located on the extension at depth of the gold structure and because of the high intensity in this anomaly, this is where the next exploration drilling is planned.

See full news release for diagrams and table of results:


PDAC 2015 in Toronto Canada

Although the attendance was down from last year’s PDAC, the quality of companies exhibiting and the attendees were of significance. Grizzly Discoveries (TSX.V-GZD) has three assets and all three were of interest to investors. Representatives from numerous mid-tier to major mining companies were inquiring about the gold/copper/silver BC properties given the politically stable jurisdiction and historical mining and mining friendly area.

I find that even though we are in a down-turned market, it is always of benefit to exhibit and/or be present at the PDAC. You just never know what will come from who you meet there.

Nancy at Grizzly Booth


Metanor MTO.V Produced 3,425 Ounces of Gold During the Month of January

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Metanor Resources (TSX.V-MTO) produced 3,425 ounces of gold during the month of January, 2015.

A total of 21,413 tonnes of ore, at a feed grade of 5.18 g/t were processed during the month with a 96.1% recovery rate.

Metanor MTO.V Reports Financials for Q4 and Year Ended June 30, 2014

Metanor Resources TSX.V-MTO released its financial results for the quarter and year ended June 30, 2014. Below are Q4 2014 Highlights:


Q4 2014 Highlights
* Gold sales of 12,468 ounces on gold production of 13,083 ounces.
* Total of $16,523,725 in revenues from gold sales.
* Net Income of $ 1,078,441 for the quarter.
* Milled 61,905 tonnes of ore at a feed grade of 6.8 g/T and a recovery of 96.9%.
*Cash Cost of $873 per ounce sold in Q4 (US$786/oz at an exchange rate of US$0.90/CA$1.00).
* Sustaining cost of CND$1,051 per ounce sold (US$946/oz using an exchange rate of US$0.90/CND$1.00).
* All-In cost of $1,123 per ounce sold in Q4 (US$ 1,010/oz at an exchange rate of US$0.90/CA$1.00).

Full-Year 2014 Highlights
*  Total of $38,488,620 in revenues from gold sales.
*  Net loss of $2,875,391 for the year.
* Cash Cost of $908 per ounce sold(US$817/oz at an exchange rate of US$0.90/CA$1.00).
* Sustaining cost of CND$1,071 per ounce sold (US$964/oz using an exchange rate of US$0.90/CND$1.00).
* All-In cost of $1,195 per ounce sold (US$ 1,076/oz at an exchange rate of US$0.90/CA$1.00).

Go to for full news release on financial reporting for this period.

Metanor continues to develop new drifts to the west at the Bachelor Mine and will continue the diamond drilling in the coming months to eventually add new resources and reserves.

Falcon Gold FG.V Updates 2014 Activities and Outlines Work Programs for Nevada and Washington Properties

Falcon finalized the New York Canyon Nevada copper project agreement and completed all required payments pursuant to the transaction in August and closed the final tranche of an over-subscribed $706,000 financing.

To date, 188 drill holes totaling approximately 128,000 feet have been completed on the New York Canyon copper property. Much of the historical drill core and cuttings are well preserved and stored on the property.

In 1977, Conoco reported an estimated (non-compliant) resource of 142 million tons of 0.35% Cu and 0.015% Mo, based on 107 drill holes totaling approximately 98,433 feet. Results from a Conoco drill hole, (MN-42) completed in 1977 on the Copper Queen zone, returned assays over a length of 1,040 feet (317 m) that averaged 0.41% Cu, 0.012% Mo and 4 ppm Ag. This “sulphide” zone represents a significant porphyry-style target.


Junior Mining Firm Dreaming of Alberta Potash Industry-Grizzly Discoveries

“My dream is that we hit potash and we get a new industry for Alberta, we make our shareholders a ton of money, we create jobs, create wealth for people, and feed the world.” Brian (Griz) Testo said in an interview with the Edmonton Journal

Griz March 2014

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Metanor “MTO” Produces 4,028 oz Gold in January/4,234 oz Gold in February

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Metanor Resources (TSX.V-MTO) produced 4,234 ounces of gold during the month of February at its Bachelor Mine. A total of 18,612 tonnes of ore at a feed grade of 7.31 g/t was processed with a 96.8% recovery rate. The Company announced production of 4,028 ounces of gold during the month of January from a total of 21,407 tonnes of ore at a feed grade of 6.06 g/t with a 96.6% recovery.