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Metanor $MTO TSX.V Adds to Last Press Release

Metanor adds the following details to the press release dated May 22nd, 2015 in connection with the March 31st quarterly financial results, which showed a net earning due to cash cost being reduced to $849 US per ounce:
Metanor now has:White Logo
— $4.4M in its bank account and 785 oz of gold stored at the Royal¬†¬† Canadian Mint;
— Accounts payable that are stable and up to date;
— A balance owing of $485,715 on the debt due to Investissement Quebec
(originally of $7M) which will be paid off by August 31st 2015; and
— The convertible debenture of $10M, initially due in August 2015, reduced to $9M and the maturity extended to August 2017.

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