#Metanor $MTO $MEAOF Confirms the Extension of the #Gold Structure at Depth on the #Moroy #Property

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Metanor Resources Inc. (“Metanor”) (TSX VENTURE:MTO) (OTCBB:MEAOF) is pleased to announce the drilling results for the new zone on the Moroy property located 1 km from the Bachelor mill.

The drilling from the last few weeks allowed to define the extension of the gold structure from surface down to 650 m deep; the structure was intercepted by drill holes at depth of 50, 100, 400, 600, and 650 meters, see section below.

These first 3,800 meters of the drill campaign also allowed the confirmation of a sub-vertical structure ranging between 1 and 5 meters. Moreover, the drill campaign in 2015 confirmed the presence of a gold structure 570 m long east to west.

Hole From (m) To (m) Length (i) Grade (g/t Au) (ii)
MO-16-103b 332 332.9 0.8 2.1
MO-16-103b 429.4 429.8 0.4 3.4
MO-16-103b 527.1 527.4 0.3 12.6
MO-16-103b 544.3 545.9 1.6 6.9
MO-16-103b 554 556.4 2.4 2.5
MO-16-106 44.6 47.5 2.9 2.6
MO-16-107 29.6 33 3.4 3.7
MO-16-108 39.4 42.7 3.3 1.2
MO-16-114 25.5 27.1 1.6 5.3
MO-16-116 103.7 106.8 3.1 2.8
MO-16-117 35.6 37.8 2.2 6.9
MO-16-119 85.3 87.6 2.2 0.2
MO-16-121 71.3 72.9 1.6 0.6
MO-16-122 32.1 33.6 1.5 2.4
MO-16-124 17 19 2.1 3.8
MO-16-130 606.9 608 1.1 2.7
MO-16-131 444.5 447 2.5 5.5
MO-16-133 10.7 12 1.3 9.1
MO-16-135 8.3 14.8 6.6 3.8
including 9.1 10.6 1.5 12.2
MO-16-136 30.5 31.3 0.8 5.2
MO-16-138 28 28.3 0.3 2.8
MO-16-139 8.3 14.8 6.6 1.8
including 9.1 10.6 1.5 9.2
MO-16-139 73.6 75.1 1.5 2
MO-16-140 84 87.4 3.4 6.7
MO-16-141 117.6 118.1 0.6 2.2
MO-16-141 160.2 160.8 0.6 2.7
MO-16-144 57.8 58.4 0.6 3.7
MO-16-144 79.6 80.5 0.9 5.2
MO-16-144 160.9 161.5 0.6 2.2

*Core length

Meanwhile, the 2016 drilling campaign expected to total 60,000 meters is progressing. A first drill is focusing on the zones near surface, from 0 to 150 m deep, at a drill spacing of 25 m between each hole so mineral resources may be defined at the end of the campaign. A second drill rig will target the same structure at depths ranging between 150 and 300 m and a third drill rig, expected to begin in May, will aim to define the lateral extensions to the east and to the west.

Metanor estimates that the mineralized intercepts’ true thicknesses reach 70 to 95% of the drill cores. A capping of 31 g/t was used or 1 Au ounce. The Company uses a rigorous, industry-standard, QA/QC program. The samples were assayed by fire-assay at the Metanor assay lab. Blanks, duplicates and certified reference standards are inserted into the sample stream to monitor laboratory performance. The quality control program of the assay results (QA/QC) adopted by Metanor includes a minimum of 10% of controlled assays being conducted as well as verification by an independent ALS-certified assay laboratory in Val-d’Or, Québec. Results of the spot checks were consistent with those reported.

Qualified Person

Pascal Hamelin, P. Eng., Vice-president of Operations, is the Qualified Person under NI 43-101, responsible for reviewing and approving the technical information contained in this news release

To view the maps associated with this press release, please visit the following link: Maps for Moroy Property

Metanor $MTO $MEAOF Begins Drilling to Update the #Mineral #Resources of the Barry #Gold #Project #Quebec

Metanor $MTO $MEAOF announced the start of a drilling campaign to update the mineral resources of its Barry Gold Project.

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The campaign of 1,200 meters will include validation drilling of the high-grade zones and of the extensions of certain mineralized zones, for eventual open pit mining.

The campaign and the mineral resource update is the first step towards the establishment of a preliminary economic assessment study on the Barry Project. The mineral resources are 7.7 millions of metric tons at a grade of 1.25 g/t for 309,500 ounces of indicated resources, and 10.411 millions of metric tons at 1.41 g/t for 471 950 ounces of inferred resources.

Metanor expects the drilling to be completed in May and the assessment to be completed at the end of June 2016.


Metanor $MTO Retains GoldMinds Geoservices for a #Mineral #Resource Update on its Barry #Gold #Project #Quebec

Given the advantageous gold price in Canadian Dollar, Metanor is evaluating the merit of resuming work at the Barry project and has retained GoldMinds Geoservices Inc. to provide a mineral resource update on this gold project.

White LogoThe study will include validation drilling of the high-grade zones and the extensions of certain mineralized zones, for eventual open pit mining.


Metanor $MTO Intersects 9.2 g/t #Gold Over 6.4 M at the Moroy Project #Quebec

Metanor Resources (TSX.V-MTO) (OTCBB:MEAOF) started drilling on the Moroy project in late February and has intersected 9.2 g/t gold over 6.4 metres, near surface. A second drill was planned to commence in the following days. This drill campaign is expected to cover over 60,000 m in the area, one km south of the Bachelor Mine.

Metanor expects to use three drills to complete this program, with two drill making close-space drillings to identify a well-defined resource and the third to drill at greater depths, targeting the geological anomalies identified in 2015.

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Metanor $MTO $MEAOF Starts #Drilling the Moroy’s New Anomalies #Quebec

Metanor Resources – TSX.V-MTO OTCBB-MEAOF – has started the surface drill campaign targeting the Moroy’s new anomalies.

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This new mineralized zone is located 1 km south-east of the Bachelor Mine. The first drill holes are targeting the anomalies located just below the mineralized zones discovered on surface. A second drill is expected to be added in March to accelerate the campaign. The ongoing drill campaign is expected to cover some 60,000 meters on the Moroy property.



Metanor $MTO $MEAOF Prepares New Drilling Campaign for the Moroy Zone and Evaluates Resuming Operations at the Barry Open Pit

Metanor announced that it is studying the possibility of restarting gold mining operations at their open pit on its 100% owned Barry property.

Table 1: Summary of Resources, Barry Open Pit (from 2010 NI 43-101 Report by Duplessis & Camus1)



Au g/t

Au g/t

Ounces Au











Resources above 0.5 g/t, capping 35 g/t on assay

Ghislain Morin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Metanor stated: “We feel that the metrics are optimal for a restart of operations at the Barry Pit. Our surface infrastructure is still operational, and the mining permit is still active. Combining this with the current low fuel prices and a gold value of $1,700 per ounce in Canadian dollars, we see restarting as an attractive option for the Company at this time.”

Metanor is also planning a drill campaign at their Moroy project, located one kilometre southeast of the Bachelor Mine. The company is creating a number of ice bridges to allow drill-rig access and have scheduled drilling to commence before the end of this month.

See full news release dated February 11, 2016 at www.metanor.ca


Metanor Resources $MTO $MEAOF Intersects 7.5 g/t Gold Over 7.2 m at Bachelor Mine

Metanor has provided this update on its underground exploration drilling program at Bachelor Mine. The drill located on level 8 in the Hewfran sector of Bachelor Mine intersected 7.5 g/t over 7.2 meters (hole 8-112). The holes listed below intersected the structure of the H-10 vein below level 8 down to level 10.

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Hole N° From
Au grade
capped (g/t)
True width
8-112 57.1 64.3 7.2 7.5 95%
8-113 58.4 59.0 0.6 2.9 90%
8-114 67.2 68.0 0.9 2.6 85%
8-115 80.0 81.2 1.2 6.4 80%

*Core length

Following the confirmation of this extension, the upcoming drilling will focus on both sides of this structure between level 8 and 10, and below level 10. A longitudinal figure is available at the following link: http://media3.marketwire.com/docs/1040369a_fig1.jpg.

Go to www.metanor.ca for full news release


Metanor Resources $MTO $MEAOF Publishes Results on Moroy Property Exploration

Metanor $MTO $MEAOF has been conducting two exploration programs and exploration drilling from surface on the Moroy property located near 1 km south of the Bachelor mine.

A drill campaign during the summer of 2015 identified an important gold structure on the Moroy property and confirmed the value of the geophysical surveys on the mineralisation type.

In parallel to the drilling campaign, a geophysical survey was conducted at depth in previously drilled hole on the Moroy property. This induced polarisation survey detected the presence of four conducting anomalies. One of the anomalies is located on the extension at depth of the gold structure and because of the high intensity in this anomaly, this is where the next exploration drilling is planned.

See full news release for diagrams and table of results: http://www.metanor.ca/en/index.php/press-releases/article/metanor-publishes-the-results-from-the-geophysic-survey-on-the-moroy-proper


Metanor (TSX.V-MTO) Intersects 10.1 g/t Gold Over 26.2 Meters Near Surface

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Metanor Resources TSXV-MTO drills 26.2 meters of 10.1 g/t gold at Bachelor Mine near surface:

MO-15-14 from 6.4 m to 32.6 m intersected 10.1 g/t gold over length of 26.2 m – visible gold at 10.2 m

The drilling continues in the same hole since there are more potential targets at depth.

See: www.metanor.ca for the complete news release dated 2015-09-22

Update on Metanor Resources TSXV-MTO Drill Results

Metanor Resources has been consistently releasing drill results throughout June. Here is a briefed summary of these results (go to www.metanor.ca for complete news releases):

White LogoJuly 2, 2015 – Metanor Intersects 6.82 g/t Gold Over 8.7m at Bachelor Mine

The drill located on level 6 has intersected 6.82 grams per tonne over 8.7 metres. The two drill holes intersected the veins between levels 6 and 8. The results are in the table.

                   BACHELOR DRILL RESULTS
                                                  Au grade
                  From          To      Length      capped
Hole No.            (m)         (m)         (m)       (g/t)            
6-141           119.33      123.52         4.2        9.23    
                145.21      146.91         1.7        4.43    
6-145           118.57      120.80         2.2        8.02    
                124.14      132.85         8.7        6.82

These new results demonstrate the existence of two distinct veins located near each other. The A zone is dipping near 55 degrees and the B zone is dipping near 90 degrees. The results continue to expand the dimension of the 8-H-14 (see the longitudinal section for the holes location). The two drills on level 6 continue their exploration activities and results will be published as they become available.

On the surface, a fifth drill began its exploration activities on July 1. The goal of this surface campaign is to follow up with the geophysical work completed in the fall 2014 on properties surrounding the Bachelor camp that generated targets to drill. The first targeted area is a property east of the mine.

June 30, 2015 – Metanor Intersects 18 g/t Gold Over 1.5 m in an Unknown Sector at Bachelor Mine

The team at the Bachelor mine intersected 18 grams per tonne over 1.5 metres on level 12 in an unknown sector. This sector is less than 80 metres south from the current infrastructure of level 12. The results are released in the attached table.

Hole        From        To    Length (i)      Au grade    
              (m)       (m)          (m)   capped (g/t)
12        109.70    111.20         1.50           18.0                                                         
(i) Core length

This sector was not drilled previously. Three holes are planned to be drilled in the same area to verify the continuity and orientation of the gold structure. The results will be published as they are available.

June 25, 2015 – Metanor Intersects 12.8 g/t Gold Over 10.8 m at Bachelor Mine

Metanor Resources Inc. has provided an update of the exploration activity at its Bachelor mine. The team at Bachelor mine intersected 12.8 grams per tonne (g/t) over 10.8 metres in the area directly beside the sector already published June 22. The results are released in the associated table.

                    	DRILL RESULTS
                                              Au grade
                                    Length      capped
Hole No.      From (m)    To (m)       (m)       (g/t)
6-135            81.58     81.88      0.30        6.80
6-140           116.92    131.49     14.57        4.97
including       116.92    120.76      3.84        8.30
including       129.32    131.50      2.18       13.61
6-146            95.27     97.56      2.29        1.76
6-151           116.46    127.29     10.82       12.78
including       116.46    118.60      2.13        8.54
including       121.75    126.78      5.03       22.33
6-160            82.27     83.54      1.27        1.14
6-161            67.20     69.21      2.01        6.72
6-162            64.20     67.07      2.87        8.25
6-163            61.95     65.31      3.35        4.64
6-164            60.72     63.74      3.02       16.00
June 22, 2015 – Metanor Intersects 22.85 g/t Gold Over 4.04 m at Bachelor Mine

(See complete news release at www.Metanor.ca for table of drill results)

Over a period of 45 days, 2,612 metres were drilled resulting into a resource calculation between level 6 and 8 by the mine technical service team using a polygonal method as displayed in the table.

Au g/t     Au g/t       Au ounces

Stope               Type     Tonnes   uncapped     capped       (capped)

8-H-10         Indicated     24,968       10.73       10.39           8,342

Samples capped at 31 g/t.  Drill density: 15 m by 15 m.

The cost to drill the 2,612 metres of diamond drilling was $169,377, which corresponds to an average cost of $20.30 per ounce identified.  A second drill is now active in the same area of the mine. The results will be published in the coming weeks once available. A total of 25,000 metres of drilling are planned in the same sector in the coming month.