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Theralase “TLT” Discovers Anti-Cancer Memory Response

Theralase Technologies Inc. (CVE:TLT) (OTCBB: TLTFF) announced that in preclinical animal testing, performed at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, it has discovered that its lead Photo Dynamic Compound (PDC), intended for the destruction of cancer, has demonstrated an ability to render animals immune to repeated exposures of the same cancer.THERALASE LOGOIn previous research conducted at UHN by Theralase, mice were injected with 350,000 colon cancer cells (murine cell line CT26.CL25) to produce tumours that were allowed to grow to approximately five millimeters in size. They were treated with an intra-tumoural injection of Theralase’s lead PDC (3 mg/kg TLDOsH2IP) and then illuminated by Near Infrared (NIR) light (808 nm, 600 J cm-2) to activate the PDC. The vast majority of tumours were completely destroyed, with the PDC treatment demonstrating prolonged tumour regression.
Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase stated that, “If our PDC technology is proven effective in cancer patients, the implications of this discovery are nothing short of game changing for both Theralase and for cancer patients. The ability to destroy the original cancer and also program the body’s immune system to prevent its recurrence, after only a single treatment, is nothing short of miraculous
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