About Us

IR Pro Communications Inc. has been providing public relations services for clients in the junior mining, telecommunications, bio-med, technology and oil and gas sectors since 2000.

Our knowledge and experience enables successful communication to shareholders and the investment community in a particularly comprehensive way.  We have developed excellent personalized relationships and email contact lists of brokers and analysts as well as a news dissemination service that provides global exposure.  Social Media is becoming a more accepted and desirable avenue to enable communications and connection with investors. IR Pro has designed a Facebook pageNancy Massicotte’s Blog and follow Nancy Massicotte on Twitter, all social media with which to have your company’s presence.


Investor Communications

Manage communications with investors, shareholders, brokers, analysts and other investment professionals.

Investor Meetings and Presentations

Contact brokers/dealers/investment professionals and analysts to introduce your company and provide corporate information in an effort to arrange meetings and/or corporate presentations with management.

Database Management and News Dissemination

We offer the service of retaining your shareholder/investor list and disseminating your company’s new and/or updates to this list on your behalf. We will update and maintain the shareholder/investor database on an ongoing basis and, if desired, provide first point of contact to any leads generated by your company.

Website Presence

A presence on IR Pro Communications’ website with a link to your company’s website.

Insight and Strategies

Provide management with critical insight into the general market and specific responses/concerns/ objections/questions from the investment community so as to develop strategies and other methods that enhance the opportunity for your company to enjoy maximum and sustainable share price success.

Audio/Video Interview

A professional audio or video interview with the spokesperson of your company disseminated through mass media distribution and available as a link on your company’s website and IR Pro Communications’ website.

Source Financing

Seek financing for debt and equity financing, bridge financing, private placements, convertible debentures and flow through financing.