Metanor Resources produces 4,154 ounces Gold for the month of November

Below is an exerpt from Sector Newswire article:

  — Mining expert Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors recommends Metanor to clientele

 NEW YORK, NY, December 13, 2013 /Sector Newswire/ – Metanor Resources Inc. (TSX-V: MTO) (US Listing: MEAOF) (Frankfurt: M3R) has had two news releases of significance this week regarding achievements at its newly refurbished Bachelor Gold Mine and Mill in Quebec. Metanor announced that it had produced 4,154 ounces Gold for the month of November, and also announced a new record for weekly Gold pour of 1079 set during the beginning of December. Metanor is also the subject of a newly released advisory from mining analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors Inc.

This news and noteworthy endorsement follows on the heals of Metanor declaring commercial Gold production status last month, becoming the first gold producer in Quebec’s Plan Nord.  Recent development work appears to now be translating into results, allowing MTO stabilization of production near 4,000 oz per month. The recent increase in active stopes enables the company to deliver a steadier grade and flow of ore to the mill and achieve greater and sustained daily tonnages.

Metanor produces Gold in the first week of December at an annualized effective rate over 56,000 ounces per annum:

The new record weekly Gold pour of 1079 ounces, last week, if extrapolated over 52 weeks equals an annualized rate of 56,108 ounces. The stage is set for a cash flow positive scenario and a push to stabilize at a 4000 – 5000 oz per month Gold target (at 800 TPD). Managements near-term plan is to increase the mill capacity by ~50% at low capex (~$4 million) and target 80,000 – 90,000 oz Gold/year in 2015. 

I believe the upside for this stock is very substantial, especially as we emerge from the cyclical bear market back into the secular bull.– J. Taylor Dec. 2013



Mining expert Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors recommends Metanor to clientele:



Mining analyst Jay Taylor of Hard Money Advisors Inc. is intimately familiar with Metanor, having visited Metanor’s Bachelor Lake Mill in the past to see firsthand the infrastructure upgrades and has followed its progress toward becoming a Gold producer over the last five years. Mr. Taylor is known for being reserved in his advice, thus investors should pay attention when he does decide a company is finally poised to appreciate in value and worth establishing a long equity position for near-term superior return potential; MTO.V is now in that category.

Full copy of Mr. Taylor’s advisory along with chart and additional insight may be viewed at online.

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