Grizzly “GZD” Discovers Potash near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Drilling Yields Potash Grades up to 31.1% K20 Over 0.3 Metres

Grizzly Discoveries “GZD” Discovers Potash:

  • The Company announced that it has discovered potash in a well near Medicine Hat on its 100% owned 984,000 acre South Block of its Alberta Potash Project.  The first well was completed and drilling yielded potash grades up to 31.1% K2O over 0.3 metres as well as 2.62% over 22.35 metres and 8.77% over 2.65 metres.  Low grades of MgO indicate that sylvite is the major potash mineral rather than carnallite.

Brian Testo, President & CEO, commented “…These results confirm the presence of potash on the property and we look forward to future drilling and development of a potential potash resource in Alberta, ranked as one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world by the Fraser Institute, and with a highly advantageous tax and royalty regime, which should have a positive impact on the future economics of an Alberta based potash development.”

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