Grizzly Crew Prepares to Mobilize to Greenwood Gold Project

APEX Geoscience’s crew will mobilize to the Greenwood Gold Project in BC during the upcoming week to commence the 2010 Exploration Program.  The initial Stage 1, at an estimated cost of $500,000, will include geological mapping, geochemical sampling, ground geophysics and drilling at the Copper Mountain and Sappho target areas.  Drilling is expected to commence during mid to late June.  The Copper Mountain area has yielded some excellent grades from 6 rock samples with 9.41 up to 99.6 g/t au and 19.7 g/t silver.  Sampling in and around Sappho has yielded up to 27.1 g/t Platinum and 8.28% Copper.  Future exploration is planned for Stage 2, where targets developed during the Stage 1 regional exploration along with existing targets in the Ket 28 and Motherlode areas, will be considered for drilling.

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